14: Yarn shop overload?

yarn on train

I had the day off work today and arranged to visit my friend Layla who lives in Milton Keynes so I hopped on the train. We decided we needed to buy some yarn and ended up driving round most of Milton Keynes and the countryside around it, looking for yarn shops!

We began our woolly journey in Bletchley at The Knitting Basket where they had a great selection of both cheaper acrylic and cottons yarns as well as more expensive merino and cashmere blend yarns.

After Bletchley we traveled on wards to Olney where we had lunch at a cute little tea room called Tea Pots of Olney on the High Street. Further up the High Street was The Wool Shop where we were so impressed by the amount and variety of different yarns!

Lastly we headed to Stony Stratford to check out HCS Crafts which has their shop on the High Street but also a warehouse where more stock can be ordered. They had more than just yarn – haberdashery, paper crafts, dolls houses etc.

On the way home I had plenty of time to start using my new yarn :)

hat start

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