Tips & Tricks

You can use these pages as a resource for various tips and tricks which you need to know when starting to crochet.

Here are some helpful and handy tips and tricks that will make crocheting easier and keep you more organized.

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Crochet Tip 1: When the afghan you’re crocheting becomes too long and heavy, place quilting rings around the end you’ve already finished. It will make it easy to just flip it over when crocheting the next row.

Crochet Tip 2: When someone asks you to make something for them, write it in a notebook. Write their name, when they will need it by, and the item they want crocheted. Also write down where the pattern can be found. When you finish the crocheted item, take a picture of it and keep it in a photo album so when someone asks what you crochet, you can show them.

Crochet Tip 3: Threading a large-eyed needle with the loose strings after finishing a project and weaving the loose strings into the project are easier than using the hook. It just takes minutes to do a whole blanket with multiple thread changes.

Crochet Tip 4: If you are a beginner and frequently lose your place, write the patterns on lined paper, one instruction at a time.

Crochet Tip 5: When traveling, use an empty (clean!) plastic coke bottle to keep the hooks from escaping.

Crochet Tip 6: To keep blocks clean as you crochet them before putting them together, keep them in a locked plastic bag. Use a small pad of paper and pen to keep track of how many blocks are made.

Crochet Tip 7: Use a small safety pin to hold a stitch when you put a project away.

Crochet Tip 8: The fabric store sells yarn cutters to wear around your neck. Keeping cutters on a yarn around your neck will keep you from constantly having to search for them. The fabric store sells them.

Crochet Tip 9: Keep skeins and balls from getting tangled by cutting a hole in the top of an empty plastic coffee container, then melting the edges of the hole with a lighter or match to keep the wool from snagging. If you have several projects going at the same time, use labels or tape on the tops or sides of each container to write the project name and other important information. Tape a small bit of dryer sheet to the inside of each lid to keep the wool smelling good and prevent static.

Crochet Tip 10: Use a three-ring binder with clear sheet protectors to organize your patterns. Use a pencil pouch also with three holes for extra hooks, gauge check, and anything else you need to keep handy.

Crochet Tip 11: When you open a new crochet ball of thread, take the paper and put it inside the centre of the ball. Then, when you need new thread, you’ll have the colour and all the information for your next ball of thread.

Crochet Tip 12: Use a tooth brush holder to hold your hooks. It’s easy to find and you can drop hooks in your purse and go.

Crochet Tip 13: To store scrap yarn, buy an inexpensive collapsible hamper, put the same color yarns in plastic grocery bags and store all the bags in the hamper.

Crochet Tip 14: Take a two-litre plastic bottle and cut the middle to make a door. Then place your large yarn inside and pull the string through the neck .It keeps the 8oz yarn organized.

Crochet Tip 15: Make your new hook smooth and slick by rubbing it into your hair.

Crochet Tip 16: To prevent woven-in ends from coming loose, weave on a diagonal line instead of straight up or across.

Crochet Tip 17: To keep your crochet yarn/cotton ball from rolling across the floor, put it in a small plastic store bag with handles, hang it on your arm and crochet in comfort.

Crochet Tip 18: Use a bobby pin as a marker for the end of rounds. It slips off and on easily and doesn’t fray like scrap yarn markers. You can also use bobby pins to hold the last stitch if you need to take the work off the hook.

Crochet Tip 19: Store yarn in a zippered comforter bag.

Crochet Tip 20: Paperclips make great stitch counters. Just pop one on the stitch you want to mark. Safety pins work great too, and are a little easier to put on and take off.

Crochet Tip 21: Use a wooden wine rack for yarn storage. It works great, looks terrific, and is a nice conversation piece.

Crochet Tip 22: Empty prescription bottles can be very handy for keeping smaller crochet tools like row counters, beads, and yarn needles.

Now that you’re organised, have fun crocheting!

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