91: S’mores Cake


Who doesn’t love cake? It was my friend Namrata’s birthday party last week and she asked each of us to bring a dish somehow relating to her. I chose to bake something a bit more complex than usual – a 3-tiered S’mores Cake! Namrata is from the US and introduced a couple of us to s’mores [...]

86: Hedgehog Cake


So Leon wanted a hedgehog cake for his 4th birthday… He also wanted one for last year’s birthday, so I’ve had a year to improve it. Fondant icing definitely makes all mistakes disappear! I used a combination of this recipe and this method… plus a layer of chocolate fondant icing to hide the mess of [...]

85: Banana Cake


This is my favourite banana cake recipe – the sour cream makes it so moist. The most important thing to remember is not to overbeat the mixture, else you will knock out all the air bubbles. I have yet to make the naughty Dulce de Leche sauce to go on top though! I made this [...]

52: Mini Victoria Sponge Cake!


Three of my work colleagues have recently had their birthdays so I decided to bake them a cake. I found this recipe for Mini Victoria Sponge cakes and thought it would be great to try it out. It was very well appreciated and they went with lightning speed. I cheated and used a jar of [...]