37: Crochet Granny Square Baby Blanket

My very good friends, Soph and Ben, are expecting a baby boy on 4th July and so I wanted to make them a baby blanket! As he will be a Summer baby I opted for Sirdar’s Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK which is 80% Bamboo Cotton and 20% Wool. The design is very similar to the Woollen Baby Blanket I made for my nephew Ralph, except I only used the solid granny square pattern for all colours.

You can purchase the pattern from my Etsy shop here.


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    Noni says

    Hi Anna,

    This is a lovely looking pattern. I have a few questions about parts I’m confused about though:

    The UK version refers only to tr (trebles) in rounds 1-3 whereas the US version says these are dc (double crochets). Is this really the same pattern? Which version is pictured? Doubles or trebles?

    I commenced the UK version but by the start of round 3 it did not look similar to photos. Eg.

    In round 1, instructions imply to do the ** section once then repeat it twice (total 3?), but if you do that, with the stitches before and after it then there are five ‘groupings’ of stitches (which would start a hexagon), not the required four (to give a square shape).

    In round 2, where the instructions are for 2tr in centre of ring – do you mean the centre of ring from foundation chain? If so why do we slip stitch to the space? And won’t it be bulky stitching into two rounds prior? It would seem likelier to stitch into the space in round 2 that we’ve just slipped to.

    I’m looking forward to starting so I thank you in advance for these clarifications.


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      Anna Sigler says

      Hi Noni,

      The UK treble crochet stitch and US double crochet stitch are the same stitches. See my page on Crochet Symbols and Directions or clarity. So it just depends whether you want to use UK or US terminology.
      I will send you a visual pattern to help you out a bit.

      Thanks and good luck!

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    Just purchased pattern for baby blanket made with squares. I noticed in your comments you were able to send a visual to help. As I am still a beginner at crocheting, please send any visual pattern you have to help with completing a square. I need all the help I can get.


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