Ewhurst Green runner sets record for marathon crochet

A runner has shown she is no nit-wit after she smashed the world record at this year’s London Marathon while crocheting her way round the 26-mile course.

Susie Hewer has her place in the record books sewn up after making the longest crochet chain while running a marathon on Sunday.

The 56-year-old, who was running for Alzheimer’s Research UK, created a 139.42 metre long crochet chain, which was almost double the size of the chain which she created in first setting the record in 2010.

The Ewhurst Green runner, who completed the race in 5 hours 40mins, was spurred on by thoughts of her mum, Peggy, who died with vascular dementia in 2005, aged 89.

She said: “I’m over the moon to have beaten my crochet record, especially considering how hot it was on Sunday.

“When I got to 20 miles it started getting too hot for me, so I sped up for the last six miles and finished about 15 minutes quicker than I planned to.”

Source: Argus

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