Damien Hirst’s sculpture yarn bombed for April Fool’s

The statue standing on Ilfracombe harbour looked very different at first light this morning.

‘Verity’, a sculpture of a naked pregnant woman, has been photographed wearing some brightly coloured leg-warmers. The photo’s were taken by Penny Clark who says she found Verity sporting the eighties leg-wear in the early hours.

She says it’s an April Fool’s Day joke for the North Devon town.

Covering objects or areas with knitting is known as ‘yarn-bombing’.

Representatives of the Mayor of Ilfracombe say the town is ‘awash with gossip’ after Damien Hirst’s Verity was given a makeover.

“Who knows why Verity has been given a rather fetching set of stripy tights?

Perhaps it was one of the Academy’s students looking to be the next Jean Paul Gaultier? Or maybe someone thought that Verity’s legs were looking a little cold? Or finally could there be a more extraterrestrial nature and that aliens have finally decided to pay a visit to a earth resort and leave a thank you?”


The Ilfracombe Knitting Bombers have claimed responsibility for a giant pair of leg-warmers that appeared on a Damien Hirst statue in North Devon overnight.

The group say anonymous donations of wool can be dropped off at Ilfracombe market for future yarn bombing exploits.

We wait to see if Verity is given further garments.

Source: ITV News West Country


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