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When I lived in Oxford I joined a crochet and knitting group called The Oxford Drunken Knitwits – a fantastic group of people who meet up every week in a local pub and knit or crochet together (or sometimes just drink!). Even though I no longer attend, as I am now in London, I still like to join in and help when they have events.

They have been asked to yarn-bomb Merton College in Oxford to help celebrate Merton’s 750th Anniversary Quad Party on Sunday, 15th June:

I have helped by making some crochet flowers in Merton’s colours! Here are some great patterns (instructions are in UK terminology – click here for help):

Little Flower Pattern (in the photos)

  • Wind yarn around finger to form a ring.
  • 1st round: 1ch, [1dc in ring, 4ch] 6 times, ss in first dc.
  • 2nd round: Ss in first 4ch sp, 1ch, [1dc, 1htr, 2ch, 1htr, 1dc] in each 4ch sp, ss in first dc. Fasten off.

Large Flower Pattern (in the photos)

  • Ch 5 and join with ss to first ch to form ring.
  • Round 1: Ch 2 ( counts as 1 dc) and work 14 dc into the ring, sl st to beginning chain.
  • Round 2: *Ch 4, skip 2 dc, sl st into next dc: repeat from * 4 more times ending in last stitch in base of beginning chain.
  • Round 3: in each Ch 4 space work 1dc, 4 tr ,1 db tr, 4 tr, 1 dc: join with a sl st to first dc. Fasten off.

Buttercup Pattern

  • Colours: A and B
  • Using A, make 8ch, ss in first ch to form a ring.
  • 1st round: 1ch, 15dc in ring, ss in first dc. Fasten off. Join B in same place as ss.
  • 2nd round: 3ch, 3tr in same place as ss, ss in each of next 2dc, [7tr in next dc, ss in each of foll 2dc] 4 times, 3tr in same place as 3tr, ss in 3rd ch. Fasten off.

Check out The Oxford Drunken Knitwits on PinterestFacebook or their website.

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