23: Chocolate, cakes, bagels and more in East London

Having lived in South West London most of my life, and then Oxford for a couple years, I was very excited to explore East London a little more since I now work so close by. My collegue and friend, Lara, and I walked along Brick Lane yesterday lunch time and I just had to blog about all the lovely things we saw!

Kahaila is a coffee shop with a difference – it is in fact a charity, so any profit that is made goes into supporting local community projects and other charitable causes. The cakes in the window looked absolutely delicious :) I was also surprised at just how many coffee shops Brick Lane has.

Next we walked past (and then stopped and did a double take) Dark Sugars Chocolate. The chocolate aroma enticed us inside and we saw so much chocolate! I couldn’t find a website but here is an interesting article about them.

After all this cake and chocolate it was time to find some lunch… We went to Beigel Bake for a couple of cheap but delicious bagels – I had smoked salmon & cream cheese and egg mayonnaise but Lara opted for a nutella bagel… yummy!

At the top of Brick Lane is a cocktail bar called Casa Blue. It was the signage outside that caught my attention – I love the turquoisey-blue with the gold lettering. Another shop front that I really like the look of is Labour and Wait. Sadly they do not open on Mondays so I will have to visit them on another day, but Lara tells me they sell the most amazing looking products. Their website says: “From hardware to clothing we offer a selection of timeless products that celebrate functional design and which are appropriate in a traditional or contemporary environment.” I can’t wait to have a look…

To finish off our lunch time travels, we came across Aubin & Wills on Redchurch Street, who not only have their fashion store there but also a cinema! Looking forward to seeing some films after work there. Here is a timeout article about the Aubin Cinema.


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