28: Cosy Lap Blanket


I finally finished working on my tweed blanket! I am so happy with the end result. This pattern used a stitch I had never attempted before: front post tr (UK) or front post dc (US). Once I got the hang of the stitch, it was a pretty easy pattern to follow. The pattern was from Simply Crochet magazine issue 11, page 22 (the design is by Anne Egan) and requires a 5mm crochet hook plus some of this wonderful yarn: Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed Aran (90% wool, 10% angora, 50g/88m). You will need 9 balls Red (004), 7 balls Oatmeal (007), 2 balls Demin (009).

I did change the pattern slightly: I omitted the blue and red additional square all together (that you sew onto the blanket) and just added a few more rows of the border, so I didn’t need as much yarn – in fact, I had all this left over: 1 ball Red, 1 ball Oatmeal, 2 balls Demin. My blanket ended up measuring about 100 cm square.

Update… I used up the left-over yarn to add to the border of the blanket… see photo below!


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