43: Flowers Flowers Everywhere


When I lived in Oxford I joined a crochet and knitting group called The Oxford Drunken Knitwits – a fantastic group of people who meet up every week in a local pub and knit or crochet together (or sometimes just drink!). Even though I no longer attend, as I am now in London, I still [...]

12: Knitting and Crochet for Therapy


  I recently read an interesting article all about how knitting (and I am sure crochet also) can be used for therapy or even pain relief. Check out this article which explains why you should NOT STOP KNITTING! IT KEEPS YOU HEALTHY! I then came across a website called Stitchlinks who talk about this in more detail. [...]

10: The Making of Olek’s Crocheted Locomotive


At the beginning of July, rogue crocheter Olek consumed herself with her largest endeavor yet: an entire locomotive covered in her signature medium. After two days of installing round the clock, in the rain, with the help of four assistants, the ambitious project debuted on July 13 and will be on view in Lodz, Poland [...]