88: Polymer Clay Beaded Necklaces


I finally got round to making my first set of polymer clay necklaces. I’ve seen these around the internet a lot and wanted to try my hand at making my own, especially since I can never find the right colour necklace to go with my outfits! If you like the look of them, you’ll find [...]

55: Necklaces


I finally had some time this weekend to pop to my favourite bead shop (Bead Works in Covent Garden) to pick up some bits and pieces to finish my necklaces off. Really happy with the end result plus I learnt a new technique of using tiger tail beading wire plus crimps to fasten the ends. Looks [...]

34: Necklaces


Another one of my hobbies, other than crochet and baking, is jewellery making. I started buying beads from a Covent Garden bead shop called Beadworks when I was in my early teens and loved making earrings and necklaces. Here are some of my favourite items that I have made over the last couple years. I [...]