78: Upcycling into a Fire Engine Box


My son Leon is totally obsessed with fire engines so I decided to upcycle an old wooden MDF toy box that my brother and I used when we were children. I sanded it, primed it and painted it fire engine red (of course). I found a brilliant website called Smartwalls that create personalised vinyl fire [...]

43: Flowers Flowers Everywhere


When I lived in Oxford I joined a crochet and knitting group called The Oxford Drunken Knitwits – a fantastic group of people who meet up every week in a local pub and knit or crochet together (or sometimes just drink!). Even though I no longer attend, as I am now in London, I still [...]

39: ‘Pass it on’ Top Tip: Joining Granny Squares

Slip stitching the squares together

Crocheting granny squares is one of the easiest things to crochet and therefore probably quite a popular project. I have already written a few posts which show off some granny square blankets (Granny Square Blanket & Baby Blanket) and so I thought it may be useful to show a really simple way of joining the [...]

23: Chocolate, cakes, bagels and more in East London

Beigel Bake

Having lived in South West London most of my life, and then Oxford for a couple years, I was very excited to explore East London a little more since I now work so close by. My collegue and friend, Lara, and I walked along Brick Lane yesterday lunch time and I just had to blog [...]

14: Yarn shop overload?

yarn on train

I had the day off work today and arranged to visit my friend Layla who lives in Milton Keynes so I hopped on the train. We decided we needed to buy some yarn and ended up driving round most of Milton Keynes and the countryside around it, looking for yarn shops! We began our woolly [...]

7: Stitch + Bitch: Crochet & Knitting Group

stitch and bitch

So I started a knitting and crochet group at work and we had our first meet up yesterday! You can see that my crochet blanket is taking up most of the table We found a fantastic little place to meet up at called Ziferblat in Shoreditch, where you can help yourself to free tea, coffee, [...]

0: Welcome to Crochet on a train

Picture 917

Welcome to my blog Crochet On A Train. Titled so simply because I commute on the train each day and can often be found crocheting a project to while away the journey. It would be lovely to start seeing more people crocheting and knitting on train journeys too. I hope you enjoy seeing what I [...]