68: Be aware, make a square


I read about a Facebook group called BE AWARE, MAKE A SQUARE in a crochet magazine recently and decided to find out what it was all about. Hannah Louise Lawson began this group to raise awareness of meningitis and here is her story:

“6 months ago when my little man was 2 weeks old he caught a viral form of meningitis. He had no rash and symptoms were mistaken for it just being a very hot and sticky day. He was only in hospital for a week but his condition was bad and its taken him at least 3 months to get back to normal. Since then both me and my husband have had regular trips to hospital for appointments and for emergencies due to low immunity. He is fine and well but the horrible disease lingers. So I want to raise awareness and money to help families.”

Hannah has been asking for volunteers to knit or crochet granny squares (using a particular colour theme) and also to donate whole items if possible – all for a huge charity sale.


I wanted to do my bit too (made a few granny squares) and also help raise awareness by blogging about it!

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