53: Peacock & Bumble Bee


I had a request to make a crochet peacock and a bumble bee for a friend at work. I used the same base for the peacock that I used for the chicken bean bags and then added 3 crochet feathers to the base. The bumble bee was much simpler – just a matter of working [...]

52: Mini Victoria Sponge Cake!


Three of my work colleagues have recently had their birthdays so I decided to bake them a cake. I found this recipe for Mini Victoria Sponge cakes and thought it would be great to try it out. It was very well appreciated and they went with lightning speed. I cheated and used a jar of [...]

51: Target Pouffe


This was a very easy and quick project – which I always enjoy. It’s from “Easy Crochet: Vintage & Retro” by Nicki Trench and I used a variety of colours of cheap chunky acrylic yarn plus a 8mm hook. eBay supplied the polystyrene bean bag balls for about a fiver.