23: Chocolate, cakes, bagels and more in East London

Beigel Bake

Having lived in South West London most of my life, and then Oxford for a couple years, I was very excited to explore East London a little more since I now work so close by. My collegue and friend, Lara, and I walked along Brick Lane yesterday lunch time and I just had to blog [...]

22: Rabbit Cushion Cover


I made another cushion cover recently using Robin FX Chunky in Moorland and Robin Chunky in Claret. I really loved how this pattern looked (for sale here at Craftsy). The back of the cover still needs a couple buttons to complete it.  

21: A Dog’s Bone


My colleague Jane has the cutest dog and he needed a bone to chew! I also put a couple squeakies inside to amuse him. It is made using dishcloth cotton which is a fantastic cheap yarn to use for many projects. A very simple pattern involving single crochet (US) or double crochet (UK) and increasing [...]

20: Easter Bunny Egg Cosy


I made this cute little bunny egg cosy for my friends at Easter and put a chocolate egg inside it. A very simple pattern involving single crochet (US) or double crochet (UK) and working in rounds. The pattern is from lionbrand.com. I used some pink yarn to create a pom pom for the tail.

19: Boy’s Choo Choo Train Tank Top

Train motif

My little boy turns 2 this week and for his birthday I made him a tank top with his favourite thing on it: a choo choo train! His birthday cake will also be a train – covered in chocolate I actually created the pattern for this gorgeous top (size 24 – 36 months). I have my [...]

18: Purple Snood


I wanted to make a snood so I bought some warm and cosy Rowan Big Wool in this gorgeous purple colour (025 Wild Berry). As it is a super chunky yarn it works up really quickly. Using V stitches I managed to make the snood in a matter of days! Here are a couple of [...]

17: Christmas Bird


During Christmas I made a few of these sweet looking birds for the Christmas tree. You will need: some left over fabric (thank you Mum :)) Bondaweb (fabric adhesive using an iron – pure genius!) ribbon buttons needle & thread cotton wool or polyester stuffing a bird template Pin a paper cut-out of the below [...]

16: Oven Squares / Pot Holders


My mother taught me to crochet and one of the first things she taught me to crochet were pot holders (or oven squares as I call them!). A very simple pattern which is great for practising tension and using the basic single crochet in rows, with a picot edging. I have the pattern for sale [...]

15: Alphabet Letters


I made some crochet letters that spell out CROCHET ON A TRAIN and they are from a wonderful blog I found called mooglyblog. I used a combination of Debbie Bliss Cotton DK and also Rowan Handknit Cotton DK.

14: Yarn shop overload?

yarn on train

I had the day off work today and arranged to visit my friend Layla who lives in Milton Keynes so I hopped on the train. We decided we needed to buy some yarn and ended up driving round most of Milton Keynes and the countryside around it, looking for yarn shops! We began our woolly [...]

13: Boys Sweater & Hat

Picture 151

My nephew Ralph was born back in 2010 and for the summer after his first birthday I made him a cotton sweater! I used 3 different colours of Cotton DK from the German chain of shops called Wolle Roedel. He also got a warm woollen hat for Winter I think I made this pattern up [...]

12: Knitting and Crochet for Therapy


  I recently read an interesting article all about how knitting (and I am sure crochet also) can be used for therapy or even pain relief. Check out this article which explains why you should NOT STOP KNITTING! IT KEEPS YOU HEALTHY! I then came across a website called Stitchlinks who talk about this in more detail. [...]

11: Chunky Cushion Cover

photo 1

I bought a few duck feather cushions for a few pounds from Dunelm-Mill and wanted to crochet some cushion covers. So here is my first one! I used a super chunky yarn called Wendy Pampas Mega Chunky in shade 2225 Oyster with a 6mm crochet hook to create this cover. The cushion measures 36cm / [...]

10: The Making of Olek’s Crocheted Locomotive


At the beginning of July, rogue crocheter Olek consumed herself with her largest endeavor yet: an entire locomotive covered in her signature medium. After two days of installing round the clock, in the rain, with the help of four assistants, the ambitious project debuted on July 13 and will be on view in Lodz, Poland [...]

9: Birdies


I made these lovely colourful crochet birds a few years ago with wool yarn. I cannot remember where I got the pattern from but it was pretty simply – just working in rounds, increasing and decreasing to get the desired size. The stitch was the basic single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK). I used [...]

8: Men’s Beanie Hat


My friend Jake from work wanted me to to crochet him a beanie so I used this pattern here. I used two strands of acrylic yarn (something like Robin FX DK) together with a 5.0mm crochet hook to make this – a few days crocheting on the train and it was complete! By using two strands together [...]